Collection: Vegan Mitts Large and Medium

Crafted from upcycled acrylic sweaters these mitts make winter fun again. Warmth, wind and water protection. Inside we make a  lining of sherpa fleece, to keep you warm  and  comfortable.

Additional Information

Fabric: ​100% Acrylic or Polyester

Lining: 100% Polyester

How we make these mitts

Through the miracle of the up-cycling process, we take pre-loved sweaters and turn them into a refreshed fabric to make your mittens. Combining colours and prints to make just the right pair for you. An eco-friendly product made right here in Canada.

All our products have a natural handmade character.

While I make every effort to ensure colour accuracy in my product photos,  individual monitors and devices will produce slight variations in colour, this is the nature and wonder of technology."