Collection: Kitchen Scrubbit

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Your new best friend for kitchen cleanup is the Kitchen Scrubbit.

An eco-friendly wool-based kitchen scrubber. Use it just like the plastic ones with none of the guilt or garbage left behind.

Better for the water, better for the earth and last sooooooo much longer. The average live span of a Kitchen Scrubbit is 9 months, think about all the plastic beads you are not putting in the waterways.

And the end of life has two methods of disposal.

1. Is to dig a hole in your backyard and bury it. The Kitchen Scrubbit will decompose feeding the plants around it. ( it's a long slow process so do not put it in your municipal green bin. )

2. You now have a small felted wool piece you can use for patching a hole in your jacket, or sweater. Let your imagination run free.