About Us


Cozy Mitts by Lorraine is a Georgina-based company creating mittens from upcycled wool sweaters from Shetland to Cashmere. Up-cycling is the process of creating something better than you had before. A tired wool sweater gets processed into a refreshed fabric for a brand-new purpose.



I have plenty of retailing, managing and business ownership, but this business is different for me. It is hard to describe some days, but there is a fire of passion and creativity with this. Firstly I have not just a love of Mittens but a deep need for them... they are like comfort food for me. I put all my HEART AND SOUL INTO WHAT I MAKE, I don't know how to do it any other way. Enjoy



This year we are launching a custom program, pick the sweater, pick the size and your order is shipped to you, pick up at one of our drop off sites- a local business( October to December) or curbside pickup. We are busy making it easier to shop online, stay safe and sane. Check back often as the tech world and I get connected better to serve you.

Covid-19 was a game changing event for every human on the planet, and we are adapting at a pace faster than anyone here thought possible. As a sole proprietor and chief of everything here, except maintenance and moral support. We don't have time to pester you with endless emails or useless promotions. So we focus on approximately monthly live virtual release events. You need to be signed up to our newsletter to get access to these. Sign up here.