The in between season, what do you call it?

The in between season, what do you call it?

When we move from Summer to Fall is it small? and then from Fall to Winter is it Finter?

No matter what you call the in between season we never just roll into a consistent temp, oh wouldn't that be nice. One where we could mark on the calendar " today is the day I put away all my summer clothes and take out my fall ones".

Mother Nature is much more fickle than that. Today is going to start like fall with a light fog and then heat up so you are striping off clothing faster than a pole dancer, and shortly after than she will whip up a wind that will have you dressing in a kindegardener fashion. Have an arm in the sweater, jumping into a pair of pants, with one sock on.

Many times in fall I wished i had a pair of mitts with me. For when the wind picks up and I dont have enough layers on yet. But I certainly don't want our full on winter mitts (Traditional Wool Mitts).

The in between season is what inspired me to make the Cross over Mitt collection. I needed it to provide warmth and comfort but still be small enough to carry. But the challenge was to make it easy to get in and out of my pocket. 

And that is when the bells went off, the hold up is the cuff, so if i remove the cuff it becomes streamlined and convenient. The cross over mitt was on the cutting table and into the lineup in a week. 

The reception from my customers was more than enough to assure me I had to keep this collection, make more, and make it in all three sizes.

And like all our mitts non-gendered, just sizes. 


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