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Don't Stand Under the Walnut Tree

It's fall my favourite time of the year. It feels like a breath of fresh air after the August crazies. But you must be mindful of the Walnut tree now.

A majestic 100' black walnut tree in my neighbours yard that leans over my garden sheds. I stand in awe of its size and strength.

But this is September and it is alive with activity, think super highway of wildlife. The chipmunks and squirrels put their territorial spats on hold for this time of year. 

The squirrels are not really the problem, they cut down the walnuts and scamper out of the tree. Now on occasion they miss and one falls.

But the chipmunks are another story. They are just too small for the mighty walnuts, so they don’t even try. They just cut them down and let them fall. One here and there, heck no. They harvest like it is the last supper. It sounds like a shotgun going off as they hit the roof of the shed.

And this is why you do not stand under the walnut tree, if you happen to be there when a very zealous chipmunk is cutting walnuts of the branches you may end up in the ER.

And I am certain I do not want to explain that a walnut knocked me out. Not even for a YouTube video. 

A few more weeks and the yard will return to its usual pecking order, but right now all the wildlife is busy focused on the great Walnut harvest.

I too am very focused at this time of year, prepping inventory for the upcoming season, as I do each year. This year I changed a few procedures in the process, only time will tell if it makes it more efficient when the cooler weather hits and everyone decides, yep I am ready to buy some mittens! 

Don’t stand under the walnut tree, head on over to the website, the wildlife doesn't know how to hide nuts there ... Yet!


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